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Booktheholidays.com LLC  (a part of Tuberose Corporation) is a Group of Destination management companies & fully Online Travel portal operating in USA,Armenia,Russia & India selling 500+ destinations from 80 countries. It is positioned solidly in B2B market segments. Booktheholidays.com has been recognized as a Top-rated tour wholesaler with its state-of-the-art technology & service delivery systems.
It is one of a leading online travel portals which have established its feet in the tourism world. Our registered offices in Armenia, Russia ,Ukraine and India. Our approach is to provide a tourism facility to its outstanding and valuable clients.

To travel is a dream of everyone and today in this busy and expensive world this the desire to travel the world remains deep in the heart and a person keeps on completing the demands of the family members. But, now this will not happen. Booktheholidays.com has come up with something interesting and with fabulous designed packages so that everyone can afford to travel around the world and can experience the different life-styles with different eating habits.Here you will get a perfect accommodation as well as you will be able to explore the diversity in principles and its landforms.

We welcome all our tourists whose passion is to travel and we are here to fulfill the desire of all our clients who want to conquer the world and love to experience the surroundings. Booktheholidays.com offers different types of packages to its customers and all these packages reach directly to the client without any intermediaries.

Some of the most popular international destinations are covered by Booktheholidays.com.

We help Travel Agents to sell their Tour Packages through our Website – https://booktheholidays.com/

We help Hotels to sell their Rooms through our Booking site – https://hotels.booktheholidays.com/

We help Food & Drinks establishments like Restaurants, cafes, Night Clubs, Bars and catering companies to sell their products and services through our Online Booking site – https://food.booktheholidays.com/

We welcome exporters , Traders & manufacturers to sell your Products through our shopping site- https://booktheholidays.com/shop/

Travel Agents, Hotels, Restaurants, Airlines and suppliers can advertise your products and services through our below sites.




We are here to plan your holidays and we cater our services in the following countries-

Some of the most popular international destinations are covered by Booktheholidays.com. We are here to plan your holidays and we cater our services in following countries:

  • India
  • UAE
  • Armenia
  • Azebaijan
  • Georgia
  • Russia
  • Uzbekistan
  • Ukraine
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • Russia
  • Singapore
  • Tajikistan
  • Thailand
  • Turkmenistan
  • UAE
  • Ukraine
  • Uzbekistan
  • Vietnam

We at Booktheholidays.com not only serve you with booking facility but we also provide you with other facilities. We design your holiday packages, book your flight tickets, book your rooms in and we also provide you with car facility so that you may not face the problem while visiting to different places. We take care of all the requirements of the clients which include a peaceful journey, comfortable and luxurious stay options. We also provide the details of the guide so that our clients may feel safe and can stay away from pillagers and robbers. We have planned different exotic packages for our valuable clients.
With our dedication and hard-work today we have a strong and trusted travel brand of India,a large and loyal customer base is our strength and it adds to our strong point.

Booktheholidays.com has multiple packages and it covers all the domestic destinations as well as international destinations. We are now progressively establishing our name in across India and the world. Book your Flight Tickets with Booktheholidays.com and enjoy the benefits of the package. Our partners help us to deliver quality services to our clients and they keep us up-to-date so that we can complete your requirements as well as that too in a predetermined and defined order.

If you are planning for your holidays, and you are searching for a particular package so before going anywhere first visit Booktheholidays.com site. We are only one click away from you. We have different plans you can select according to your requirements and as they are designed as per your budget also. Don’t worry we charge only for our quality services and you will also feel amazed by our excellent services.

The packages of Booktheholidays.com includes:

  • We have designed different holiday packages according to the number of members going to spend the holidays
  • Here you will also get Corporate Tours Package
  • Customized Tour Package
  • Health and Wellness
  • We have also Honeymoon packages which is specially designed for the newly married couples and we promise that we maintain the privacy level also
  • We have also introduced Medical Tourism facility in order to provide medical facilities to the patient who is going for his health checkup or going to consult doctors
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We value your existence and we take care of your journey throughout. We know the worth of your every earned penny and we are here to deliver our services at a very affordable price. We can only suggest you different options and the whole choice is yours.

We are here to serve you with our excellent customer support system and we are available at your service for 24*7 hours so you can call us or can send us your enquiry through email on www.booktheholidays.com. We will try our best to clear all your queries as we are here to establish long-term relations with you.

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